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About 音楽CLUB

音楽 means music in Japanese
音 = (on) sound, 楽 = (gaku) pleasure, comfortable, music

音楽CLUB was started in January 2009 as a simple way for three friends to share music over e-mail. Sometimes you hear a song that’s so good, you need to tell somebody. We started 音楽CLUB to send each other songs we were lovingand in the process started introducing each other to new musicians and genres as well.

originally we simply did it all via gmail, sending each other mp3s we liked, but as we started doing it more and more, we began sending each other full albums. themes began to emerge, compilations compiled, and within a few weeks we’d built up an archive of music-filled e-mails.

pm_jawn/alexis has been doing most of the posting since april 2010, but older posts from jenny and andres are preserved for eternity in the archives. 音楽CLUB is sharing music.

pm_jawn/alexis can be contacted at alexis [dot] com [@] gmail [dot] com

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  1. un mono azul permalink
    December 12, 2009 12:43 am

    yoooo guys!
    cool blog..
    here’s some of my stuff for you to share:


  2. October 17, 2010 11:24 pm

    uh I just discovered you did this all this time? PLOP!

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