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street science: african zouk

September 14, 2011

there are things that are awful about new york: the smell, the weather, the cost, the constant psychic fatigue.  but sometimes it’s worth it for the fact that there is an infinite pool of amazing people with infinite knowledge about music.

i feel so lucky to welcome chief boima to my show tonight, who is one of the most knowledgeable people about contemporary african music out there.

tonight, i am going to pick his brain about the zouk influence in african music. i really like haitian zouk and how it long-lasting its impression has been on african r&b music. i have a fascination with trying to figure out why a lot of romantic-leaning, slower tempo global dance genres are slept on.  i think that nguzunguzu’s perfect lullaby mix has been a good corrective measure for this, but there’s lot’s more work to be done!

here is a sampling of what might be on the show tonight:

nigerian zouk

pan-franco-caribbean-kassav in in congo-kinshasa

afro-zouk innovator, oliver n’goma


i usually have some insight or knowledge base about each show’s content, but tonight i am riding blind. i am going to bring a notepad, a girly drink, and open ears. you should too! tonight from 10pm-11pm

bonus: the last show with max pearl is up! hopefully, we can get a playlist in there at some point, but it’s totally worth it for the impressively npr-ish conversation.


recap: zuzuka poderosa takes control

August 17, 2011

my iphone flick!

I profiled Zuzuka Poderosa for Cluster Mag and it was published today!

Firstly, Cluster Mag is the squad. I said in my last post that “our only affiliation is love”. A bit abstract and just a weird say that I don’t ride blindly for a clique, but I offer wholehearted support and shine towards my extended fam. Shouts to Lamin for this tweet. Cluster Mag is a forum and I am so so excited and happy about contributing to it. Max and Oliver do an amazing job of encouraging open discourse on things that I am passionate about and I’ll keep writing for them for as long as they’ll have me. I also encourage anyone who has a passion project/idea/mix that would be constrained at other publications to pitch it to them. I know y’all are out there. This is the boat.

I said so many words on Zuzuka that there’s not much more to say besides the fact that she’s incredibly generous and I personally got a ton out of her outlook on life and only a portion of that made the final product. The most painful thing that I just couldn’t find room for was about her cooking show and twitter, Zu Can Cook, which y’all should check out.

Oh, okay.  There are a few lines that I am sad that got cut:

For the show, she channeled Grace Jones-does-Wonder Woman. She donned her black cape, vintage-style floral one-piece bathing suit, and makeup done with cat eyes—accentuating her classic pinup looks.   It’s almost impossible not to compare her iconographic performance of femininity, theatricality, and sexuality with that of the great goddess of brasilidade/brazilianess, Carmen Miranda.  They both serve composed sex appeal a little wink.

Carmen Miranda, 4eva.

The photo shoot was the most fun working day of my life. I didn’t do much but carry camera bags, but the whole squad came together like we knew each other in the womb. Also, the day ended with delicious tacos and hanging out in Max and Oliver’s pool. So much love to Delilah, Leah, Valissa, Charlene, Natty, Kiyan, and Oliver!!!

Finally, thank you to Claire, Puja, Kaye, and especially Lily–all amazing writers who blessed me amazing advice on this piece.  Lily dropped this quote from Nelly Richard’s The Insubordination of Signs: Political Change, Cultural Transformation, and the Poetics of the Crisis:

Images predominate that sublimate art by offering representations of artists and their creations floating on a dematerialized plane, where they fetichistically display an excess of sensitivity or imagination destined to retouch- decoratively, “femininely” – social discursivity.

Like, word, yo. (I kid).

As always comments/criticisms are encouraged here or email me at alexis [dot] com [at] gmail [dot] com

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street science: flatbush in august

August 15, 2011

this wednesday on street science, i am pleased to have dj rainstick (aka @FACEDRUM) of cool places soundsystem at my guest.  i don’t think i’ve ever been this nervous to have someone on the show. i’m a little shook at how ill and underground the cool places tumblr is. extreme urban foraging in the deep interwebz:

so super under (soo-PARE oon-DARE). i’m really excited because he’s bringing some sounds of flatbush ave, brooklyn in august including dusty pirate radio rips and carnival tunes.  think romance, body glitter, nuvo, $2 dollar vans, embellished men’s jeans, vocoders, and hella different types of sirens.

we’ll also probably chat about his below the brain, his mind-melt of an experimental film about last year’s west indian day parade. peep the trailer:

i can’t wait to see the premiere at BAM on september 1st, right in time for this year’s labor day parade. prepared to journey the film’s website?


moon in the 3rd house

August 4, 2011

it’s one of those rare days. when two mixes are released that align perfectly with your emotional state.

emotional state: emotional

blk. adonis & leleira – adonis-dna

dubbel dutch – slow club mix

street science: feeling continental, then weird

August 4, 2011

pm_jawn, “street science 8.3.11: feeling continental, then weird” ゲット [DL]

  1. “sheka sheka (festus remix)” – davis ntare
  2. “tas gufft & quett” – gaiola dance
  3. “nos ki nos” – dj canano mix
  4. “sizohnalanga ku facebook” – dj cleo *YEEEEBOOOOO*
  5. “wassup” – bradez
  6. “bodega” – prince quan luv feat. old money
  7. “fun (remix)” – spice & missy elliot
  8. “shottas (nguzunguzu remix) – munchi
  9. “drop low” – dj clent
  10. “lord of the game (ft. mexican girl)” – death grips
  11. “burning the codices (mexican with guns remix)” – jorge reyes & samuel zyman
  12. “bee nose (put yr face on)” – pink skull
  13. “aftermath (rizzla edit) – tricky
  14. “beach” – side 9000
  15. “seduced” – seduced
  16. “double rocker” – stereolab
  17. “medeh” – mohamed “rosso”
  18. “ayoo (instrumental)” – appietus

i really had a lot of fun last night with this show.  i started off with a set of lil sweet jams from africa. been feeling kizomba/tarraxa/funana for a while now.  i feel like harder, more aggressive dance music (yang) from africa tends to be focused on, while a lot of the soft, romantic songs (yin) get overlooked even though they motivate just as much. thanks to the perfect lullaby mix, that’s changing.  my friend, fred, described that mix as freebasing mystery and pouring relaxation into your eyeballs. more things in that vibe, please.

then dj cleo. this song has been in HEAVY household rotation these days:

after that, i just started having some fun. i’m pretty charmed by these dudes:

how great would a nyc-foodstuffs-centric concert be with them, so tiri, and the pan con queso dudes?!?!?!

it could be at fairway, just sayin.

i kinda let loose for the rest of the show with a bunch of awesome new sounds that i have been excited by.  in two wednesdays (8.17) my special guest will be dj rainstick of cool places soundsystem.  he incinerated zebulon on friday night. when he dropped this dj clent track, i went slightly bananas for a minute, recognizing the YMO sample from computer games and insisted he send it to me. i am only imagining how far he’ll be able to delve out into spacetime. until then!

radiation therapy w/venus x

July 21, 2011

i was so excited about the show last night that i am doing something a bit differently and posting the show here before it makes its way up on the whfr site.

last night was a lot of fun, mostly because it was a relaxed and open conversation with dope music interspersed.  venus does speak softly so you may have to keep within reach of the volume dial in order to hear some of the things that she has to say.  also, anyone who knows us personally knows that we both incorporate a lot of “um”s “yea”s and “like”s conversationally.  i promise to work harder to get away from that!  but we ended up talking about some good stuff: ghe20 g0th1k, chaos, imperfection, outspokeness, cdjs, shakira, mad decent, shakedown, anonymous, etc.

pm_jawn & venus x, “street science 7.21.11: radiation therapy” ゲット [DL]

street science: parlay with miss venus x

July 20, 2011

entrancing .gif via traphouseblog

venus x – hard destiny live mix tape

ghe20 g0th1k is the best party in new york city.  it’s been a no brainer for me to go on friday nights this summer, because the party perfectly encapsulates what is liberating, mind-expanding, and sexy about global underground dance music.  just check out july’s lineups:

7.1.11 gantman/mykki blanco/mike q/lit city

7.15.11 rizzla/le1f/telfar

7.22.11 total freedom/brenmar/nguzunguzu

7.29.11 jubilee/zuzuka poderosa

ghe20 g0th1k has re-centralized new york city as a dominant node of progressive, artsy, banjee, bassy nightlife.*

the queen b at the center of this hive (along with $hayne) is venus x, who is going to join me on street science tonight to talk hardstyle, reggaeton, dembow, shakira, controversy, DRAMA, party-throwing, building a music community, lady thangs, and being an unapologetically sassy diva.  i’ve basically begged her to come on for a few months and its finally paying off and i cannot contain my anticipation.

tune in tonight on from 10pm-11pm.

*that’s a BIG statement, but it’s time to think that big.