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street science: back on the streets with dj ripley

February 22, 2012

i’ve had the opportunity to get to know dj ripley over the past year or so as she’s transplanted herself down here to nyc from boston. she has the greatest attitude and spirit about parties, scenes, politics and being a dj for life.

From her blog:

Music exists because it crosses borders, literally and figuratively. Physical borders: eardrums, walls, and legal borders: nations, zones. The best musical experiences often occur outside legal frameworks of ownership and licenses (breaking zoning laws, squatted buildings, pirate radio). Although I am not always in official control of the venues in which I perform, I put myself and the audience in undeniable literal control of the space, to the point of creating a kind of solidarity of pleasure across social boundaries.

she threw a party last month called turn/return that a lot of nyc promoters and djs could learn from, since her values were omnipresent:  the incubation of creativity and dialogue, providing equitable and fair pay for djs, and a general positive atmosphere. tonight on street science, we will discuss the limitations and opportunities for mischief and merrymaking in new york nightlife, the music of the occupy movement, and hopefully just enjoy some great, new music.

connect with us tonight on at a special time of 10:10pm-11:10pm.

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