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street science: club ice cap dot com

January 12, 2012


  1. “massacooramaan theme” – massacooramaan
  2. “crepuscle” – nevin
  3. “sizzurp valley” – creampie
  4. “la isla bonita” – sonora
  5. “lotus flower bomb” – dj kiff “mr.ocheekanowow”
  6. “say yes 2k11” – dj manny
  7. “get paid” nadus
  8. “my bad (dj mike q ballroom remix) – party squad ft. roxy cottontail
  9. “i’m on one (unicorn kid stadium mix) – drake
  10. “sweaty” – FLYBVCK & jairomendez
  11. “dubious prey” – lamin fofana
  12. “hood by air theme” – kingdom
  13. “who da neighbors” – dj sliink
  14. “pimpin smokin dro” – los rakas ft. e-40

ゲット [download]

street science has been an interesting process for me. to quote a tweet from this article on seapunk aptly lol’d at by wayne, “are you URL or IRL?”*

i thought street science would lean more IRL than URL, so i am really ecstatic when i get when i have guests. but whenever i do a show on my own, i get to expose my love affair with making the consumption of music from the internet as effortless and efficient as possible.** consuming media online can be anxiety-provoking and requires stamina, but it’s good to let it work for you a little. in this respect, i feel like a toddler in the shallow end of a very deep pool of diggers, but IT’S ALL THE SAME WATER. we are all in this together.

this is my offering to the goddess of transparency:

  • i subscribe to 100+ music blogs in my rss feed, google reader. i miss the share function, which allowed passing and receiving gems with friends, but the mourning period is over. i star items that i like or suspect i am going to like, being careful to skim through posts by my faves, incl. weird magic, palms out sounds, and others. can’t divulge too much, you know? (but if you holler, i will totz send you the whole bundle)
  • i have 1,000+ favorited tweets. some are hahas or profound thoughts from my friends, but most are those that have intriguing media links i can’t get to during a normal day.
  • i just started saving favorites in soundcloud. it’s a baby step, but i am working on optimizing it.
  • people send me stuff sometimes over email. when i first started this blog, i began to get a lot of promo emails from mostly latin american labels and artists. much of that has tapered off, since i have so veered off that track, but sometimes i get occasional jewels.
  • the weekend before a show, i sit down and stream through all the hearts and stars in my e-verse and try to come up with a nice story that i want to tell. stories about the recent weeks on the internet.  hopefully sometimes they can also tell about what’s going on in real life streets, nightclubs, beaches and bedrooms.

this week’s story is about a couple meeting at a club on a melting polar ice cap.

*just in case you missed it, my article for cluster on seapunk

**i don’t really buy that much music. definitely not cds or singles on itunes or beatport. if anything, i will buy vinyl (old or new), mixtapes with artwork, or whatever i can get directly from the artist. even then, those instances are fewer than i’d like. 2012 resolution: spend more on music, but keep it ethical. might try to post some SOPA related links over the weekend

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