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street science: 305 family reunion

November 9, 2011

tonight on street science, my guest will be burt fox of riot control nyc, who will be bringing in some 90’s booty music from hie hometown of miami.  we’ll be talking about the history of the scene, from 80’s freestyle and early bass music to the local radio in the 90’s.

here’s what else he has to say:

the personality of miami is not subtle. club and drug culture has always been big. it’s really hot out…i think it’s interesting how a local style developed that captured that personality really well and how that relates to the importance of “being yourself” as a human being or artist or whatever..   that you will shine the brightest and be the most charismatic when you embrace who you are.  it’s not a popular style anymore, but it’s still beloved by the people there. i think a lot of that is because the people who made it did a great mixture of their own personalities, the personality of the city, and the ideas they got from building it up together.

not being from florida, i always got the impression that the booty music scene was like family, with personalities with names like uncle al and uncle luke.

dj uncle al – menalo


we’re also going to get into booty music with latin crossover appeal from djs such as dj laz.

dj laz – esa morena


finally, music from and for the club can only be measured by the dance moves it inspires. let us all remember the positive get down energy inspired by peanut butter jelly time.


tune in TONIGHT on from 10pm-11pm.

also, the archive is up from the show two weeks ago with le1f and its a great listen.  he really opened up a lot about his music, what it’s like being a struggling artist in nyc, seapunk (more on that soon), and did a couple of amazing live sets.  CHECK IT OUT!


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