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street science: born underwater

October 26, 2011

merman swag

been following the bol le1f for a minute.  ever since i heard his smooth riff over nguzunguzu’s hate 2 wait, i knew that i had found the tenderspookybanjee* r&b rapper of my dreams.  i have had the pleasure of seeing him twice this summer–opening for shabazz palaces in may and then again at s!ck with dj rashad and dj godfather.  his live performance style can be shy at times, which i find really endearing, but when he’s on, he’s ELECTRIC, FUN, and DELIGHTFULLY SEDUCTIVE.

le1f going to be my guest tonight on street science tonight! my FIRST live performance which i am more than a little nervous about, but i’m bringing incense and prayer candles to whfr headquarters and pray that posi vibes will abound. also, tal1es1n is going to be in the studio as a guest dj for the occasion, which i’m sure will bring more blessings.


BONUS: head over to palms out sounds to check out a new track le1f produced with POS’ boody b

*tenderspookybanjee is the new crazysexycool

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