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street science: african zouk

September 14, 2011

there are things that are awful about new york: the smell, the weather, the cost, the constant psychic fatigue.  but sometimes it’s worth it for the fact that there is an infinite pool of amazing people with infinite knowledge about music.

i feel so lucky to welcome chief boima to my show tonight, who is one of the most knowledgeable people about contemporary african music out there.

tonight, i am going to pick his brain about the zouk influence in african music. i really like haitian zouk and how it long-lasting its impression has been on african r&b music. i have a fascination with trying to figure out why a lot of romantic-leaning, slower tempo global dance genres are slept on.  i think that nguzunguzu’s perfect lullaby mix has been a good corrective measure for this, but there’s lot’s more work to be done!

here is a sampling of what might be on the show tonight:

nigerian zouk

pan-franco-caribbean-kassav in in congo-kinshasa

afro-zouk innovator, oliver n’goma


i usually have some insight or knowledge base about each show’s content, but tonight i am riding blind. i am going to bring a notepad, a girly drink, and open ears. you should too! tonight from 10pm-11pm

bonus: the last show with max pearl is up! hopefully, we can get a playlist in there at some point, but it’s totally worth it for the impressively npr-ish conversation.

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