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recap: zuzuka poderosa takes control

August 17, 2011

my iphone flick!

I profiled Zuzuka Poderosa for Cluster Mag and it was published today!

Firstly, Cluster Mag is the squad. I said in my last post that “our only affiliation is love”. A bit abstract and just a weird say that I don’t ride blindly for a clique, but I offer wholehearted support and shine towards my extended fam. Shouts to Lamin for this tweet. Cluster Mag is a forum and I am so so excited and happy about contributing to it. Max and Oliver do an amazing job of encouraging open discourse on things that I am passionate about and I’ll keep writing for them for as long as they’ll have me. I also encourage anyone who has a passion project/idea/mix that would be constrained at other publications to pitch it to them. I know y’all are out there. This is the boat.

I said so many words on Zuzuka that there’s not much more to say besides the fact that she’s incredibly generous and I personally got a ton out of her outlook on life and only a portion of that made the final product. The most painful thing that I just couldn’t find room for was about her cooking show and twitter, Zu Can Cook, which y’all should check out.

Oh, okay.  There are a few lines that I am sad that got cut:

For the show, she channeled Grace Jones-does-Wonder Woman. She donned her black cape, vintage-style floral one-piece bathing suit, and makeup done with cat eyes—accentuating her classic pinup looks.   It’s almost impossible not to compare her iconographic performance of femininity, theatricality, and sexuality with that of the great goddess of brasilidade/brazilianess, Carmen Miranda.  They both serve composed sex appeal a little wink.

Carmen Miranda, 4eva.

The photo shoot was the most fun working day of my life. I didn’t do much but carry camera bags, but the whole squad came together like we knew each other in the womb. Also, the day ended with delicious tacos and hanging out in Max and Oliver’s pool. So much love to Delilah, Leah, Valissa, Charlene, Natty, Kiyan, and Oliver!!!

Finally, thank you to Claire, Puja, Kaye, and especially Lily–all amazing writers who blessed me amazing advice on this piece.  Lily dropped this quote from Nelly Richard’s The Insubordination of Signs: Political Change, Cultural Transformation, and the Poetics of the Crisis:

Images predominate that sublimate art by offering representations of artists and their creations floating on a dematerialized plane, where they fetichistically display an excess of sensitivity or imagination destined to retouch- decoratively, “femininely” – social discursivity.

Like, word, yo. (I kid).

As always comments/criticisms are encouraged here or email me at alexis [dot] com [at] gmail [dot] com

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