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street science summer update

July 18, 2011

recently i’ve strayed away from doing themed radio shows with guests and have gone back to the standard “this is what i’m feeling at the moment”. the past two shows have just been archived and they definitely encapsulate my general vacillation between tropical dance jams and spaced-out hip-hop-influenced moody music:

6.22.11-feel something

  1. “i don’t smoke” – matias aguayo
  2. “dj got us fallin’ in love (chief boima remix)” – usher
  3. “jamaica” – vybz kartel
  4. “yezzi mil viss”-king abid
  5. “timbs (neon coyote slow jam)” – le1f
  6. “swerve…the reeping of all that is worthwhile (noir not withstanding)” – shabazz palaces
  7. “shed” – oval
  8. “you (planningtorock remix)” – creep
  9. “feel something” – holy other
  10. “oh donna (los macuanos’ the moons of kixly edit)” – ritchie valens
  11. “marvin’s room (screwed and chopped by sabi)” – drake
  12. “natural” – clams casino
  13. “bxxn fwxvgo” – spvcxghxztpvrrp

7.6.11-midsummer fantasy

  1. “at2 (screwed by vph lol)” – araabmuzik
  2. “trapped in prison” – lil b
  3. “hacienda del mar” – kixly
  4. “bajito a selva” – rita indiana
  5. “puerto alegria” – maria y jose
  6. “danze street makossa” – banana clipz
  7. “let me know (tasting)” – brenmar
  8. “so fo real” – free magic
  9. “brigher days (just blaze remix)” – cajmere ft. dajae
  10. “plains” – magic mountain
  11. “mosaik” – zomby
  12. “interleave (kindgom remix)” – win win

reminder: the station managers of washington heights free radio also opened and manage word up community bookshop, a pop-up bookstore in washington heights.  the lease just got extended through september, so if you are in the neighborhood, stop by!  i live in brooklyn, but its been amazing spending time uptown for my show and to be at the bookstore. the plan is to investigate more local artists, djs, and producers to have on the show in the next few months, but summer has stung me with its golden tentacles for now.

in the meantime, catch me on wednesday from 10-11pm on lord willing, there’ll be a possible super special guest i’ll be able to confirm in the next few days.

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