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boobahton post-mortem: are we dead yet?

July 13, 2011

Ok, so the short “flyer essay” I half-assed got posted on a moombahton facebook group thread that generated 400+ comments. I was made aware yesterday at work and since I was busy, I just monitored it throughout the day trying to figure out if it had any meaning, since most of it seemed like standard boring internet dj chatter.  I don’t really care much about the site traffic, but interestingly, I got exactly one comment on the post here.  I was hesitant to comment in the facebook thread too, because of all the trolling, all of the comments being twisted, and the ache of APATHY. As a woman music critic of color, I’ve felt out of sync with the target market of dj culture for about a decade. Nothing new to me that my ideas on women and flyer design aren’t stamped with approval.

I am surprised though that this smart counter-argument wasn’t fleshed out: the album covers for reggaeton and cumbia bootlegs from Latin America, as reference points for moombahton, are strictly T&A, so what’s my problem?

Yes, Andy (luh u), you right. It’s about the patriarchy: in Latin America, in dj culture, in Internet forums. Why are people complaining that I’m complaining about that?

You right. Me and Bent were trying to sort it out, but this forum was def productive for that too.

I don’t really know James, but he stepped up as the defender of the blog posts and was super patient, misunderstood at times, became the scapegoat, got kicked out the forum, then reinstated. I nominate him Superintendent of Trolls: 2011.

Munchi is the dude. No matter how much I may question/try to sort out moombahton personally, dude has got THE TOUCH to get this blaquadorian dancing.

Having strong women in your life is a beautiful thing.  I love orion’s music and the peligrosa party. That being said, there was a strong anti-academic/ethnomusicology sentiment in the thread that makes me feel like linking to history might be unproductive, but it might be worth googling: tikitech, primitivism, criticism of Josephine baker, the cult of respectability, spicy Latina, how to photograph Africa


GOOD LUCK WITH THAT (this doubles as a @heems tribute post)

Can’t wait to pregame with her before the peligrosa party

J Shep is too real for this world. Still half-regretting my single post to the forum, i doubt that i will again. Everyone who commented (including myself) should perform a ritual seppuku because this is obviously the most important thing any of us have ever done.

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  1. Natty Boom permalink
    July 14, 2011 6:55 pm

    I came across this booby thread this afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised in some cases, but also bored by the same ol’ argument of ‘make more music, don’t think about the effects it has on communities and people.’

    I was drawn to Orion’s post about the women on his flyers and the women in his family and the women he has toured with.
    “i have been putting beautiful women on my peligrosa flyers for almost 4 years now. My grandmothers were strong women, my mother is a strong woman, my sister is a strong woman and her two daughters will grow up to be strong women like all the other women in my family.””

    That’s all good. But then, it seems Orion is justifying putting “beautiful women” (i have no idea what poses or clothing or body sizes these women represented, please educate me if you do know) on flyers by stating that his female family members are “strong.” I see a bit of difference between selecting “beautiful” women for your flyers versus accepting “strong” women for who they are.

    I have, however, seen 3 or 4 Yo Majesty shows (even dj’d post Yo Majesty in DC once), and have purchased an Orion mix directly from him because I appreciated his talent and comfortableness djing for mostly lesbians and gay dudes. I just think this line of reasoning is a bit off track/topic in this context.

    • pm_jawn permalink*
      July 15, 2011 8:43 am

      i agree that the line of reasoning doesn’t quite jive. its like when some white people justify saying racist things because they have black “friends”. but i understand where the comment came from. i might need to read up more on this:

  2. July 14, 2011 9:12 pm


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