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not-so-lazy days

June 24, 2011

i cannot say that i’ve been silent here because of laziness.  i’ve had the busiest few weeks of my life, maybe. but i’m finding a surprising balance of family, work, friends, my love affair with the internet, writing, music listening, and a lot of great shows in nyc.

i don’t really like doing party recaps here. parties are so ethereal and it’s hard to capture the essence of something, especially when i have such a small audience. it doesn’t seem worth the effort.  i’ve started taking more and more video at shows. the sound is usually terrible and the clips are short–i quickly get bored of recording, rather than experiencing, performances–but it’s addictive.

here is some footage of kingdom, nguzunguzu, and total freedom at THE TABLE last night:

what do you see? hear? feel?

bonus: here is an unlistenable, but pretty clip of liturgy at the knitting factory a few weeks (feels like years) ago:

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