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street science: gothic vibes with tenderman

June 8, 2011

tonight on street science, my guest will be tenderman, aka the artist formerly known as the crooked clef, who promises to a mix of “boys choirs & gothic southern rap instrumentals”.

piggybacking on the gospel theme of my last show with cousin cole and the warped, sun-drenched show before that, i feel like the show has hit a good stride of balancing the inspirational and creepy.  much like this video for demdike stare’s “hashshashin chant”:

well that might be more creepy than life affirming, but i feel like he and i have an affinity towards the same flavor of spectral bassiness. just check out his recent mix for cluster mag:

The 55-minute DJ mix speaks to that strange intersection of contemporary electronica in which left-field rave music is starting to become indistinguishable from Rick Ross or 3 6 Mafia instrumentals- all darkness and pessimism, 808 hits, bass drones made for tricked-out Honda Civics.

tonight on from 10pm-11pm.

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