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on the cluster mag article

June 2, 2011
I wrote an article on Los Macuanos that was published in Cluster Mag yesterday!
I did it because ever since I heard Claire playing El Fin a few months ago, I knew immediately that I wanted to know and share as much as I could about them.  They are brilliant and weird and funny and snarky and THE BEST people and make amazing music:
I said what I could in the article, but I wanted to follow up with a few notes:
  • The main thing that I am squeamish about is the part on tribal. I LOVE 3bal music. I think pointy boots are cool. However after talking to Los Macuanos about it, I felt compelled to distinguish between 3bal and ruidoson based on the band’s comments. I’ll admit that some of the language I submitted was edited to be more extreme than I care for. I noticed it didn’t insist on toning it back down.  I’m not sweating that too hard, but I also don’t want to come off as hypocritical since I promote 3bal so much here.  Music can be political and self-aware or subconscious and visceral–both work for me!
  • Geko and Andy do not play “radio-friendly dancefloor heaters”.  That was another edit that actually just slipped past me in my reread.  Radio is not ready for Que Bajo.  One funny thing I did write is about “liquored-up scenesters”. On more Que Bajos than not, that’s me taking photos and glancing around the room.  Its a flip side of the party coin that I embrace as long as I feel like people take the time to really appreciate what Geko and Andy do.  And I’m backing it up by contributing to Pico de Gallos.
  • Cluster Mag is fantastic. There are few non-Cornerstone outlets out there for people writing about the types of music that I enjoy.  As soon as Max and Oliver launched Cluster, I knew I wanted to be involved.  They are really kind, hands-on, and helpful.  I’m proud to join the fam. Recently, I’ve been more aware than ever of the limitations of a personal blog for me as a way to develop my writing.  I intend on holding down Ongaku Club for my short weekly musings, but I’ve realized for a while that the comment pool has dried up, tumblr blogs have taken over, and my undeveloped thoughts about music have been relegated to the google buzz watercooler. Puja almost referred to me as my “blog’s resident ethnomusicologist” in her column and it was the most hilarious and true description of my attitude. I made her take it out though because I am not an academic, but I realized that the only audience that  I really trust with my opinion has been myself. The only way that I am going to really believe I have a valid point of view is if I get out of my comfort zone and speak loudly and refine my ideas in front of people who will give me praise or, even better, shit.
  • I suffer from almost crippling fear and lack of confidence. Mostly it’s my own issues, but I am sensitive the part of me that’s been intimidated by the male dominance of dj culture and how I’ve relegated myself to the periphery for years while talking to and supporting my male friends who have innate swag and achieve greatness for themselves. Luckily this year I’ve tuned out my fear and envy and really paid attention to the moves made by some really amazing women, many of whom I’ve profiled/discussed on the blog. I’ve also branched out with the radio show, a semi-undercover/soft-launched zine, and now this. And there’s huge things coming up. Next week. Stay tuned. And if you’re reading this, you’ve probably supported me in some way thru the years.  Thank you to all of the homies.
Feedback is welcome. Also email me your mailing address if you want a post-zine about dystopian global urban futures: alexis [dot] com [at] gmail [dot] com
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