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street science: inspiration w/ rev. cousin cole

May 24, 2011

so excited for wednesday’s show! at the slightly earlier hour of 7pm-8pm, my guest cousin cole will be doing a guest mix of gospel house and club music.  this show basically came out of us having a conversation at some point about how be both we fascinated by how much of this stuff exists and how rarely it is played out or discussed.  it may have to do with djs wanting to appear like you they are proselytizing in the mix, but hey since there was no rapture, maybe we should PRAISE THE LORD cause we are all living another day.

terrible joke, especially coming from someone raised in the church and i am not 100% positive that i was joking. in fact, i love the basic inspirational message behind many of the songs. i cannot resist the uplifting tunes of romanthony:

the other fascinating thing is the deep rootedness of house music in general, if not diva/vocal/handbag(!) house specifically in the church.  so many of the best house vocalists owe their careers to early years in church choirs.  it’s actually a topic that i would love to do some real research on in a project on the adaptive reuse of churches as clubs and concert halls, but i am waiting on timing, funding, and yes, divine intervention!

i am also THRILLED to have cole on the show.  he has the rare ability to shift between one of the best party dj’s in new york, the very best baltimore club dj in new york, and yep, one of the best disco djs in a city where that is a pretty major accomplishment.  i remember listening to his guest set on beats in space for weeks on end, so i am beside myself that he’s going to be on the show.

and for some new stuff from the reverend, this his club mix of kanye west’s “all of the lights”

tune into wed 25th from 7pm-8pm.

btw, i am kinda pleased about how the last show turned out. be sure to check out the archive.

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  1. cousin cole permalink
    May 24, 2011 10:22 pm

    I was also thinking about how churchy the “Jack had a groove” speech is.

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