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street science: sun-drenched shriveled film

May 10, 2011

this week’s episode of street science might be a bit difficult to listen to for friends/listeners who are used to me playing poppy global dance music, but not for those who enjoyed the recent underwater karaoke roundup.

in addition to things with beats and bass, i have a soft spot for warped, depressive music, especially when it leans towards the ambient.  i’ve taken dark pleasure in the way the way that overly nostalgic and “pretty” chillwave of the past few years has been cannibalized by more gothy/magical influences.  it’s as if the cutesy polaroids and cassette tapes of groups like washed out were discarded like yesterday’s forgotten blog post and unpleasantly over-exposed to the elements–the humidity, scratchy sand, and sodium chloride of the internet’s beachfront causing the precious film to shrivel.  I learned today that happens when plasticizers and conditioners in film evaporates, and acetate film base deteriorates. fun fact!

but rather than putting on my preservationist hat and try to stabilize the process like @villereal, i’m going to put on a metaphorical bikini and let music from la vampires goes ital, sleep ∞ over, lauren halo, and others get all gunked up in the boombox and go for a dip in the digital ocean.

tune into on wednesday 5.11.11 from 10pm-11pm for another episode of street science.

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