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egg in the face of cinco de drinko

May 5, 2011

people are really mad this year about cinco de mayo being basically another drinking holiday… like st. patrick’s except you don’t have to have the vague pre-post-racial white ethnic thing, or even know the political and cultural history of the country of mexico in order to participate.  i’ve been really fascinated by the us-mexico border recently and how music like cumbia, crunk/rap cumbia, and 3bal dance (in pointy boots, no less) over the dark contentiousness of the border.

botas picudas and line dancing to tribal in dallas courtesy of @nuriapuntonet

also thanks to nuria, i’ve been obsessed with “virar la tortilla” or flipping an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to celebrate or jest at other people’s silliness and ignorance.  i’m not mexican, my spanish is remedial, and i’ve only been to playa del carmen, but i love mexican music and there’s SO MUCH OUT THERE to start my (your/our) cultural immersion experience TODAY.  here’s a round-up of some mixes that have passed my eyes and ears this week:

also, i HAVE to throw some love to que bajo tonight.  cinco de gallo was hands down my favorite night of 2011 and looking forward to seeing los macuanos live tonight.  if you are in new york, i hope to see you there

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