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underwater karaoke

April 28, 2011

five years ago, ned, john, other homies, and i drove from nyc to toronto to an all night pool party/ambient music immersion experience.  a public swimming pool was opened during toronto’s nuit blanche and transformed into “a shimmering, reflective dream-space” with live sounds provided by tim hecker, keith fullerton whitman, and others.

but now i am wondering what it would be like if it happened again this year, but instead of ambient music, it was a karaoke party where people were asked to come and sing their fave r&b jams from the bottom of the deep end of the pool… oh wait, it’s 2011 and EVERYTHING IS SLIGHTLY WARPED (in the best way possible). is this a reaction against autotune or a natural extension? while you think about that, feel weird and wrinkly listening to these:

“transparency (how to dress well rework)” – d’EON (via DISmagazine)

“the throning” – hype williams (via @OliveTonic)

“if your girl only knew (blk.adonis 3’s aaliyah edit)” – blk.adonis

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