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street science: tijuana swag machin

April 25, 2011

this wednesday’s street science will be a pre-cinco de mayo celebration.  i am super excited to be celebrating this year at que bajo with special guests, los macuanos.  i have been jamming to el fin for a minute, so it was only natural to do a round up my new favorite alt-cumbia-electro tunes.  feels a bit like a homecoming since ongaku club’s roots were in cumbia.  when andres and i first started this site, it was mostly to be a public way for us to share cumbia tunes with each other.  the tag cloud on the right is indicative much more of the heyday in 2009 than lately.  ongaku club has slowly transformed from a somewhat intimate cross-cultural conversation about cumbia into my occasional posts about globalized local (localized global?) electronic music that i just shout into the internet ether.  i’m not mad, because ongaku club is still sharing music, but a post on new cumbias is long overdue.

anyway, it turns out that the ghostly, quasi-religous, electro-cumbias from los macuanos and maría y josé i have been into recently are actually ruidosón.  this club fonograma review of maría y josé’s espiritu invisible describes the genre like this:

for those not aware of what ruidosón is, I would describe it as a noisy and borderless pool of music, mainly inspired by mexican folklore and popular/regional songs.

similarly, a round up on master de tu cora quotes the genre as:

La música que escuchamos desde niños, en bodas, XV años…cuando sale tu tío de la carcel, etc.

so imagine you invite your skinny-jeans-wearing friends to a house party and your dead grandparents show up.  creepy, but zombie granny brought some big tunes with her.  the gif above is from one of two recent ruidosón festivals to happen around tijuana in the past few months.  along with 3bal and krunk kumbia, northern mexico/south texas/cali borderland is an extremely powerful region for electronic music these days.  i listened to mega calorón by maria y jose a lot last summer, but revisiting it, i am realizing how ahead of the game/next level this mix is.  it is worth re-listening if you haven’t in a while, and if you slept on it, catch up or fall back:

mega calorón mix – maría y josé

and speaking of bass-happy, hip-hop influenced, heavy electro cumbias, check out these tracks from el hijo de la diabla, dj dus, and mexicans with guns.

baika – el hijo de la diabla

punishero – dj dus

precession – mexicans with guns

time permitting, i was also planning on playing some new stuff from la super cumbia futurista collective from df… i don’t know any more, this tijuana/monterrey/texas stuff has so much swag! either way, tune into this wednesday from 10pm-11pm for MEXI JAMZ.

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