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street science: rappin’ w/ ray

April 11, 2011

what are the chilluns listening to these days? where do they find their fashions?


what’s in the water in cali? what’s up with muted music videos?


who is the bol clams casino? is lil b the leading inspiration for all of this new indie rap?


what’s up with the revival of chopt & screw’d remixes? how does this relate to r&b?

what’s up with the absence of women, if not direct and aggressive hostility? is ofgkta the new marilyn manson? is spaceghostpurrp?

we will hopefully be able to cook up some of the answers to these questions this wednesday april 13 at 10pm on street science when i talk to music and culture blogger raythedestroyer. ray knows a lot about black swag, and is one of my favorite people to talk about rap with so i am looking forward to a good convo and perhaps revisiting our epic debate about what #based means.

p. s. i will actually have shows the next three wednesdays in a row.  puja patel will be joining me for another show on nyc dance music on april 20th. dopeness abounds.


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