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pre-spring morning ritual

April 7, 2011

there isn’t really a common thread between my fave jams of pre-spring, but after listening to them this a.m., i realized that they kind of blend into my daily ritual of embracing the day…

as remarked elsewhere, casual diamond (lauren halo remix) – sleep ∞ over is an hyper-accurately named song title.  its beeps and boops remind me of synapses firing. i think i might be a little traumatized from this past winter. i had a dream last night that there was a freak snowstorm which left drifts up to shoulder height. i was convinced that i would have a snow day, so i was really shocked and confused when i looked out the window and the ground was clear and it was lightly drizzling. oh, well. i’m really into lauren halo and though i won’t be able to make it (exciting news soon!) she will be performing at the WBAR-B-Q on april 15th.

shabazz palaces – an echo from the hosts that profess infinitum yesterday, 8:37am was when the sun rose above the roofline of the apartment building across the street.  when that happens, the sun streams directly into my eyes and i can no longer stay in bed without an incredible amount of guilt.  this song reminds me of that moment of forced regaining of consciousness.  i mean, it is “conscious rap”, but i can’t help being affected by it.  yep, i’m one of those hippie chicks who seriously lights up some incense first thing in the morning and meditates.  real talk.

jason forrest – raunchy the daily grind is depressing.  this new track by jason forrest has a twang that reminds me of the opening of a 80’s movie about a country mouse tryna survive in the big city, but also enough glitchy pacing to keep it interesting.  this is what i listen to when i’m trying to brew coffee, brush my teeth, fry eggs and make sure my files are in order all at the same time.

liturgy – generation this song is mind-blowing.  my interpretation of the title is of an internal tension between being a youth who is part of a movement by embodying a time’s culture and ideals, and coming into one’s self–the generation of one’s individuality.  i tweeted about wanting high quality headphones to listen to this track on the subway to experience anomie and it’s true.  the subway is a very distinct space of expression of the self (via blasting loud music or soliciting or mean mugging strangers) or alternately surrendering to the craziness of it all. am i right? either way, it’s worth reading hunter’s words about the new album.

zuzuka poderosa – chama o bombeiro (sonora remix) to me, this is the sound of a perfect, mellow spring day.  even if the posi vibes of my days never meet this benchmark, everything off the new sonora remezcla ep is setting the bar to a comfortably enjoyable level of daytime mastery.

and if all else fails, there’s techno cumbia:

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