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street science: disco lifer

March 15, 2011

i am a bit under-prepared this week for a researched show of emerging urban music.* so i’m hoping to take this time to practice/re-remember how to dj with vinyl.  i don’t have much of a collection, but last year i got into the idea of building up my crates. i don’t want to be obsessive, competitive, or even thorough, but i want to make sure that some of the music that i love is available to me as a tangible object without fear of data/hard drive death.

it’s not popular or cool, but i have invested the most time and money in disco.  my love has waned from its peak in college, but i still enjoy it a lot. i went to two parties in philly this weekend and had a “disco moment” at each.  one was a short set from dj apt one (who just released the amazing best of philly disco vol. 2) and the other was hearing this song:

august darnell.

it feels good also to be playing the music that was responsible for driving the vinyl at its peak. i’m not expecting it to be the most crucial show, but tune into @10pm if you are going to be into some casual, groovy post-dinner listening. for more exciting stuff, the recent archives are up!.

*can we take “urban” back plz? “ghetto” is universally used and although it is important to debate and unpack, i feel like the discussion has gotten a little stagnant.  i use “street” for its underclass connotations, but if “street” is synonymous with “hood”, then maybe i’m off base… at least, it seems like the other side of the “cosmopolitan” coin. if it is possible to extricate the association with urban to blackness (decode?) i think it could be a more powerful tool to describe the power of density, proximity, and networks in current music innovation.  on the other hand, “urbantech” sounds like a type of backpack fiber.

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