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street science: surreal love

February 28, 2011

this week on street science, i will be exploring some of the stranger, underground strains of r&b emerging alongside the more-celebrated clubby tracks of “over-educated, banjee cvnt, urban underground…queer global bass.”  i love the vibrantly dark reinterpretations of urban r&b hits and classics being churned out by the likes of nguzunguzu and kingdom, so i’ve been sniffing around soundclown to see what else is out there.

loving this track “withnail” by huerco s and looking forward to his forthcoming ep on wicked bass records:

it also makes me really happy when emotion-filled diva vocals seep into juke.  dj rashad & spinn’s tribute to teena marie “i can feel it” is a perfect example:

“triphop” may be dead, but downtempo r & b/electro is not in morri$’ riddims, such as “just the tip”:

i contributed to le1f’s kickstarter campaign for his upcoming album, dark york.  it was strange to decide to pay for something months ago, actually pay for it a month later, and then not know when i’m going to get this objet d’art in the mail.  at the same time, i feel good investing in something being crafted outside of the traditional music industry, which does not seem to be working for some people.  also, if it sounds anything like the snippet below, this spring is going to be soulfully sexy:

winning comment: “ghosty chill chimes echo neon lights in tunnels of love”

i’m envisioning this week’s show as the soundtrack to an urban romance novella set on the precipice of spring.  wednesday at 10 on, we’re gonna thaw some concrete!

scientist taking a pickaxe to your heart
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