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street science: trival pursuit

February 2, 2011

this week’s show, i will be delving into the mexican rave scene. beam into from 10pm-11pm on wednesday and let’s enjoy the best of post-pre-columbian atzec psy-trance!

shawn reynaldo’s (r.i.p. disco shawn) piece in xlr8r and dj/rupture’s in the fader are great primers that i will definitely draw from for selections and talking about some of the roots of the genre.  i’ve also consulted with the fantastic jess jubilee about current concoctions that she and other djs are cooking up that draw from the addictive triplet beat structure and sireny melodies of 3ball.  excited!

“la bomba (3ball mty)” – dj otto ft. yuyuman style download

“sex sax (star eyes & jubilee mexsax version)” – drop the lime download

also, what are words worth? after the jump, a bit of  etymology by my google buzz associates from last year.

From 8/19 and 8/24 2010:

Monika Fabian - linguistically, it's almost as if guarachero might actually be derived from 'huarachero' (as in huarache, or in Nahuatl kwarachi) rather than guaracha.
Claire Frisbie - DJ Mouse is a great DJ name.
wayne marshall - interesting! but why would the genre be named after a sandal? or am i missing another connotation?
wayne marshall - oooh! just looked it up in ned sublette's book (pg.238), and it turns out -- get this! -- that some speculate that the cuban word 'guaracha' itself initially derived, a few centuries ago, from the Mexican 'guarache' ("possibly after having passed through Spain"). the plot gets thicker!!
Claire Frisbie - and not only is it a shoe, it's a food item (is that even a term? it's not a dish, really...)
alexis stephens - thanks for the intel wayne. there is something about "guaracha" that was not sounding very cuban or spanish to me. i'm hoping its nahuatl for "footworking"
Monika Fabian - In my experience, Mexicans tend to associate huaraches (the sandal, not the food item, which derives its name from its huarache-like shape) with the indigenous, so my guess is 'huarachero' is being employed as both a synonym and adjective for 'pre-Hispanic.'
wayne marshall - i'm liking that theory, alexis!
but is it Nahautl, or P'urhépecha?
still, i really want to know who was the first to use "guaracha" (never mind "tribal") to describe this stuff. or how it caught on. does it extend from mambo/cumbia discourse somehow?
Gavin Mueller - i only ever heard it referred to as "tribal"
wayne marshall - when we were walking around centro looking for CD-Rs, my (local) friends asked a few shop owners for "guaracha"/"guarachero" and were pointed to the cuban sections!
Monika Fabian - That makes sense, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear "guaracha"/"guarachero" is Celia Cruz, the Sonora Matancera et al.
Claire Frisbie - yeah, i'd def always thought of it as a cuban t(h)ing, and the first time i think i heard it related to this stuff was from a mix maybe a year and a half/2 years ago... but that's just me.
wayne marshall - it's true -- none of the CDs i picked up in DF had "guaracha" on them, all preferring "tribal" (electro/nico)
alexis stephens - not an etymology but nice, low key article-vid in the style of star wars intro Biografia: Tribal Guarachero & Tribal Costeño: Cumbia Trival
Claire Frisbie - ha! good to know the tribal scene has such varied taste in women (@wayne). i'll have to watch the star wars vid later, because the whole guarachero vs. costeño thing could help lead us to our answer!
alexis stephens - yeah another site gave these names: "Tribal aka Trival aka 3val aka Guarachero aka Tekno Tribal aka Tribal Costeno aka Cumbia Trival" so i'm guessing that their keeping the nomenclature pretty loose, which i like. but yes, the references to avatar are also a pretty cute wink at colonialism/tribal futurism
Claire Frisbie - Triv(i)al?
wayne marshall - TRIVAL PURSUIT
Claire Frisbie - HA! YESSS.
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  1. nuria permalink
    February 2, 2011 10:42 pm

    fascinating buzz thread! it’s vintage! from august! the pursuit continues…

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