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la noche de musica urbana recap

January 20, 2011

last night was a lot of fun.  there were technical issues and the archive is not going to be up for a couple of days, but here’s what you missed if you weren’t listening:

  • claire and i breaking down the evolution of dembow and mambo in the DR and in new york
  • sound fx!
  • a brief discussion of hypermasculinity, teenagers and manicured facial hair
  • the story of omega ditching his show at the tropicana this past saturday to attend pitbull’s birthday party in miami.  and how much we love the internet and twitter to help us keep up with this stuff!
  • this playlist:
  1. “pepe pepe” – doble t y el crok
  2. “el dembow del mafu” – dj scuff
  3. “ah ah ah” – doble t y el crok
  4. “guaremate to (masacre pa’ nipo)” – manuelito
  5. “mete ma’ que jordan”  dj49
  6. “golo golo (official remix?)” – pablo piddy
  7. “watagatapitusberry” – del patio & black point ft. sensato
  8. “pa lo jerk mix” – dj scuff
  9. “la vaca” – mala fe
  10. “plomo plomo” – el negro 5 estrellas
  11. “los brasilenos” – sujeto oro
  12. “tu si quieres, tu no quieres” – omega el fuerte
  13. “me tienen dema” – baby blondy
  14. “el blue de ping pong” – rita indiana y los misteriosos
  15. “que buena tu ta” – fuego ft. deevani

if you don’t listen to the show at a later point, these two versions of sir speedy’s “ella no es puu!” might suffice.  also, the youtube within a youtube homemade video is extra special for its cheeky meta angle:

“ella no es puu!” – sir speedy download

“ella no es puu! (mambo version)” – sir speedy download

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