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fall lookbook

October 31, 2010


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Pocketknife Presents: EXTRA ALCHEMY by Pocketknife

just like the seasons themselves, its good to appreciate the temporality of music.  last winter, chillwave prepped us all for spring/summer warmth with its sandy analog nostalgia.  during the muggy, lengthy summer, witch haus bubbled and brewed.  it was appreciated, debated, and fueled a few makeout sessions here and there, but it really took the earth to tilt to that special angle, leaves to fall and remind you (me?) of the eventuality of death, and the first time you had to put your hands in the pockets of your hoodie to keep them warm to really get into the mood.

faster than you could cop a  ghostface mask at the classy dollar store, drugged-out goth mixes hit the internets in prep for halloween.  i mean, i’m into it when it’s done well (see below!) it’s such a narrow read of fall.  which is why pocketknife’s “extra alchemy” is really rounding out my season.  it’s like going on an afternoon walk and having the short angular sun rays remind you to get home before it gets dark and the spirits come out to frolick.  or alternately, going on a moonlit stroll and running into a friendly coven of naked grammies getting loose around a bonfire. in a season of rape gaze, i really needed this reminder to get spirited.



same deal, y'all

but you know what, i didn’t take walks in the forest growing up.  that’s a recent look i learned in college.  growing up, fall meant breaking out my best name brand jeans to wear under my plaid skirt on the way to catholic school so my legs didn’t get cold while i waited for the bus.

man, do i sweat ghe20 g0th1k.  it embodies everything that it felt like to be the kid on some other shit freezing at the bus stop listening to depeche mode on my walkman (RIP).* it might be the best party that i’ve been to in new york over the past three years.

venus x’s ghe20 g0th1k 1st anniversary for dis magazine is a reminder.  a reminder that uneven mixtapes can be refreshing.  and that starting off slovenly and ending nerdily is encouraged.  it’s hard for me to relay how geeked my state of mind was at gallery bar last wednesday around 1am when she was downstairs with kingdom and dj rashad and brenmar were tag teaming upstairs.  all black everything.  and plz let’s not even discuss the glory that is the reggaeton version of zombie by the cranberries on this mix.

i hear that was their last party.  i really hope not.  but if it was, it was one for the seasons.

*when my mom first got me a walkman for christmas when i was six, she didn’t really buy a lot of tapes for me.  i kinda got sick of sesame street and rockapella.  i was a bit destructive so she would only give me tapes that she wasn’t that into.  i remember clearly that the first two tapes she handed down to me were violator and word up! by cameo.  i never have to worry whether it was nature or nurture with her.

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