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a night with liturgy

October 17, 2010



sunday is about lighting some candles, doing my nails and listening to this


so i bought this piece of plastic last night and i am really excited about it.  two days ago, i purchased my first new album in a longer time than i would like to admit.  apparently, it’s addictive.  i mean, mp3’s are practical, but there is something so visceral and timeless about going to a show and hitting up the merch table and buying product directly from the person who just performed and is still sweaty in the afterglow.  i now have this thing that i will maybe have forever and it will remind me of being young and my clothes reeking of cigarette smoke the next day, no toilet paper or lights in the bathroom/janitor’s closet, topping 8 pbrs with a whiskey soda, and that strange burning smell in fort greene…

anyway, i’ve known hunter since ’03/’04 when he joined my fave columbia university-based screamo band, the birthday boyz.  not to be like, “oh, i knew him from way back when” but actually that is the main context as to how i ended up a superfan.  when he first announced his plans to form a dark metal band of one, i was extremely curious.  i feel inequipped to even write about his music because i do not listen to metal, i don’t understand the mechanics of rock music, and i feel like an outsider at death by audio, or silent barn, or the whole todd p/brooklyn indie scene.  nonetheless, when i saw one of liturgy’s first performances in @johnnnyAa‘s backyard in ’06 (RIP 502 warren), i knew that he had harnessed his true self in a very special way that spoke to me.  i have a very crisp memory of hunter standing against the backdrop of overgrown weeds, churning out these infinite loops of heaviness on an electric guitar, the posterchild of a devotional alter boy to the dark arts.


partially capturing the magickal vibe of last night


liturgy is ecstatic in the way that reminds me of why i like french house music.  most songs set the bar really high, really early with these strict rhythms  that subtly build on each other in imperceptible ways.  their priestly masculinity is interrupted occasionally by hunter’s gravelly caterwauls.  i feel like there were less vocals last night than usual, in favor of more grunge-like jamming, but liturgy excels at both so no complaints.  they are better every time that i see them and their chemistry seems to exist outside of normal standards of broness between band members.  i can’t imagine what their practice sessions are like.  instead i like to think that they have some astral, non-verbal communication system which determines things like the set list, etc, on a nightly basis.

it’s impossible to talk about the band without calling out their drummer, greg fox.  as someone commented to me “his arms look like hummingbird wings!” my ear isn’t mathy enough to even begin to make out what types of sorcery is going on in his tight-like-lil’b’s-pants beats, but anyone can make out that they are the source of liturgy’s POWER.  going to a show or listening to their music feels like being in the ocean on a fall day with choppy waters.  you know that there is a whole ecosystem of particulates and matter attacking you, but instead of trying to wrap your head around it, you just feel happy to be in the zone between HERE and THERE.

afterwards, there was an actual seance, which i felt less of an initiate to participate in, but maybe soon? hideous gnosis is def on my book wishlist.

note to party planners: PLACE A BUBBLE MACHINE NEXT TO THE SMOKE MACHINE. the bubbles fill with smoke and when you pop them, you feel like a wizard.

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  1. October 19, 2010 9:08 pm

    Glad you enjoyed. I’ve conveyed your smoke-bubble (smubble?) kudos to my wizard.

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