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why you should purchase el juidero

October 15, 2010

rita indiana's new album

a listicle by two superfans (me and claire)

  • because it will put you in a better mood no matter where you are or what you’re doing. tested and proven.
  • because we are all out of practice of buying music and if you had to wanted to fund one career this year, this would be the one.
  • because it is an album and not just a few radio-driven (blog-driven?) singles and filler
  • because it simultaneously stimulates your brain and your booty, and that’s hard to come by.
  • because she is an amazing lyricist even for those with poor spanish skills which leads too…
  • because it’s like rosetta stone: dominican slang version, but waaay more fun and heaps cheaper AND you can dance to it! (+ sing along (scroll down for lyrics)!)
  • because she shares a record label with aventura, which is both awesome and hilarious.
  • because you’ve never heard merengue like this before.
  • because then she will come tour the US and that would make two superfans bery bery happy.
  • that tour would support talented live musicians and mind-blowing dancing.
  • seriously, have you seen the video for la hora de volve?
  • wouldn’t your album purchase help fund more videos like that and el blu de ping pong?
  • because shakira is great and all but the world is ready for even more dynamic latina role model.
  • because what else were you really going to spend that $7.99 on? a drink? a cab? you can’t even see a movie for that…
  • because usually a 15 minute track at the end of an album is usuallly a terrible idea but equeibol is worth every second.
  • because we should support los misterios too.
  • because there’s a(n excellent) cover of “sweet dreams” on it, and it’s not cheesy or played out-seeming.
  • “everybody’s looking for mambo…”
  • because having the 70s crime-flick throwback album cover show up on your ipod is worth it alone.
  • because it’s really good gym music. And good make-out music. And good driving music. And good _____ music. seriously, so versatile!
  • because rita indiana is the future.


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