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boo, the queen of memphis

October 14, 2010

gangsta boo

been blasting southern ladies vol. 2 mixed by dj jooz, the spanish mixtape king (ha) the past few days.  jooz’ first volume featured newcomer rasheeda.  this one focuses on the oeuvre veteran gangsta boo, who may be the most unsung hero of lady female rappers.  boo has been the “fly ghetto chick from around the way” for more than a decade and while former homies three six mafia catapulted to the top of the pop charts to the oscars to becoming terrible reality tv show mainstays, boo has stayed reppin memphis.

don’t get me wrong, it sounds pretty good to be boo right now.  the more recent tracks have her taking trips to vegas, getting “white girl wasted,” drinking red bull and vodka and eating fettucini.  i can get down.  there’s still a fair amount of p*$$y rap, which is not really my fave.  but most girl rappers who go for that shtick are in it for the shock value and blog appeal.  gangsta boo is a lady talking to other ladies about lady business.

nothing will ever compare to the classic “where the dollas at” which is thick with weed haze, minimal production and boo as comfortable on the mic as she’ll ever be, but standout club bangers like “posted at the bar” and “put it in ya face” stand up to anything that’s on the radio right now.

just skip, delete and pretend “where they hang 2010” never existed. a kinda ominous theme in the most recent tracks reference aspiring to be more like paris hilton and britney spears and this fake euro house track represents the worst indulgence of this impulse.

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