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Boukman Eksperyans at BK Chile Pepper Fest

October 4, 2010

sandwiched in between late nights where i was able to catch frikstailers & el g, egyptrixx, lots of dudes at waremouse, and on top of monday at ghe20 g0thik and el guincho at que bajo on wednesday, i was able to catch an energetic performance by boukman eksperyans at the brooklyn chile pepper festival on saturday.  it was a much welcome shift from the bassy dank basement party vibe i usually for to being in the sunshine, surrounded by children, eating red velvet cupcakes and checking out the  gorgeous flora and fauna of brooklyn’s botanical garden.  and i don’t think that i’ve seen a more engaging, loving, in sync, interactive, hype group of performers in the past few lackluster outdoor summer concert series’ in ny.

i feel a bit haggard, there’s confetti in my bed, i’m broke, and i cant make outgoing phone calls (due to a freak perculator-involved accident), but i’m gonna keep the eksperyans on repeat today to keep my energy up.

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