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February 5, 2010

matias aguayo is my new obsession. luckily this in depth profile piece from xlr8r published yesterday (!) tracks his life story and career progression. i will summarize: born in chile, moved to germany as a tot, got involved in the minimal house scene and found a spot on kompakt. he now divides his time between paris and buenos aires running his label, cómeme, and generally running things.

i first heard rollerskate, the single off his new album ay ay ay, a couple of months back and it has been on constant subway ride rotation. dizzying layered vocals and unrelenting rhythms permeate the whole album. his polylingual upbringing is apparent in lazy vague lyrics i adore:

matias aguayo, “desde rusia” ゲット [DL]

his global influences are more obvious in his mixes.  my favorite is this xlr8r mix from november.  his minimal take on cumbia, mambo, and african house is refreshing in a scene where many djs feel like it’s a necessity to crank up all cylinders in order to fill the dancefloor.

bonuses: ma’s resident advisor mix from last august and fact magazine mix from last june.

perhaps the most important news is that i’ve found a new wifey! rebolledo is a greasy-haired, blog house-y argentine trio on cómeme.  please excuse me for finding the fiery intensity of the lead singer’s screaming attractive. could it be because he reminds me of zach galifianakis?


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