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November 25, 2009

let’s talk about sade adu.

clearly, one of the Greatest of All Time, but do you ever feel that’s she’s criminally slept on? luckily, monika and dean have reignited my passion for the High Priestess of Earthly Love. yesterday, dean pointed out the plethora of chopped and screwed mixes of sade songs on youtube, which has since been picked up by dj/rupture, wayne&wax, and the chicago reader (good things move fast on the interweb).

i was instantly craving a full screwtape and found a classic in feel no pain mixed by dj slackboi. it is perfect and absolutely devastating. slackboi unearths layers in songs that i had previously thought taught me everything there was to know about love. it almost feels like sade was sending secret messages about the depths of human emotion between each note and within each lyric that only slowing down could unlock. listening to “king of sorrow,” i become aware of a few inexpressible facets of grief and the totality of the burden of love.

sade “king of sorrow (chopped & screwed by dj slackboi)”

ゲット [DL]

it breathlessly transitions into “somebody already broke my heart” and i feel the bottom caving in… all knowledge about the communal experience of heartbreak gained in the previous song is shattered by the reality that we are all alone in our own universe of lost loves. instead of holding on to the memory of love, maybe it’s best just to triage and minimize the overwhelming pain and loneliness of it all.

sade “somebody already broke my heart (chopped & screwed by dj slackboi)” ゲット [DL]

i really could go on… and i might end up blogging the entire album! but, for tonight i just wanted to point out that “feel no pain” feels like a portishead fever dream

sade “feel no pain (chopped & screwed by dj slackboi)”

ゲット [DL]

let’s get excited for her new album!

how hot does this look?! she looks like an aztec tango warrior-goddess from the future! i would suggest holding a listening party, but i feel like it should be best experienced for the first time with a consensual “listening partner.”


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  1. January 27, 2010 7:08 am

    Love this.. cant wait for the new album.. Peace from Sydney Australia

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