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September 21, 2009

Calling somebody “the Maurice Sendak of rap” makes me really want to listen to them. What a wonderful description. To think that that is how she has been described, in general! Speaking of Maurice Sendak, I was at the library this week in the United States! and was able to check out a Taiwanese-made movie set in Japan and completely in Japanese called Cafe Lumiere. Hou Hsiao-Hsien is the director – he is so good. The movie is pretty good. Worth checking out, not sure if worth renting. But in it the girl is obsessed with Maurice Sendak’s “Outside Over There.” In it, a little baby is stolen from a room.


I have been going through this list of artists I wrote down while in Colombia, basically plugging them into YouTube and seeing if music I like pops up. Some are OK, some get me listening to various songs before I can decide what I think… But Octavio Mesa was the first that was instant satisfaction. Octavio Mesa is a Colombian singer from Antioquia, the department that contains the warm, charming and now gringo-filled city of Medellín. His music falls under the rubric of “música guasca,” a denomination I don’t know the meaning of, but which is definitely campesion/country music. Also, he was one of Juanes’ mentors.

His music is filthy, full of curses, and very ordinary expressions (especially the 2nd and 3rd songs, after the jump. Really vulgar). I mean ordinary in the base sense, not “normal.” It is wonderful to hear someone curse so unabashedly, because it is not cursing in the extreme. He is speaking/singing in a way that sounds very natural. But I am not used to hearing so many bad words in music that sounds like this. It sounds like Colombian folk music, and it certainly is. It is satisfying to hear such flavor. Check out these 3 videos. There are many more online, I think. I also have to mention how much I like his video style. Real videos, especially compared to the quality of videos out there for many older Colombian artists.

Here is a news reel of Juanes talking about the day of his death, courtesy of Caracol network via Daily Motion.


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