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September 21, 2009

i had the opportunity this week to catch the band glasslines twice this week.  glasslines is actually glasser backed up by the dudes in tanlines. glasser is from LA and came to new york to do a series of shows the past few weeks.  affectionately referred to as “the maurice sendak of rap” on her myspace, she offers beautifully melodic singing over muted aux percussion. it’s really lovely. she also has a confident energy live i find really refreshing. there were a few too many technical problems at both the glasslands and littlefield, but i still fell in love a little and have a new lady-crush.

i first saw tanlines open for fauna and douster at the zzk showcase at santos party house back in april. naturally, my friends and i were there to see the latter, but i was told by a friend to get there in time to see tanlines, because they were that good. from the moment they took stage, we were all like “who ARE these guys?” definitely the yang to glasser’s yin, they have a tight exuberance that’s really infectious live. there’s nothing corny about it like some other bands that riff off of african-inspired percussion and vocal melodies. they’re not poseurs. no stunting. just happy polyrhythmic electronic delights.

andres, i also thought you might like the oh-so-casio remix they did of telepathe’s “chrome’s on it.” i am ever so excited to see them again next thursday open for LA band HEALTH at the bowery ballroom. thx @johnnnyAa for some recon work.

who else is excited for fall?


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  1. September 27, 2009 6:00 pm

    hey that glasser band is kinda freaky

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