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August 26, 2009

jenny and i went to the lagos disco inferno party at glasslands in williamsburg on saturday night.  i can’t think of any music that i am more dazzled by than nigerian disco.  i copped the nigerian disco funk special comp a year or so back and jammed on it for weeks.  since then, i kinda forgot about digging deeper into it.  i put it on a shelf of abandoned subgenres such as french rap, kizomba, bhangra house that seemed far too massive for me to attempt to get into, especially since they seem under the radar in the blogosphere.  luckily frank from voodoo funk is THAT DUDE when it comes to getting into anything nigerian disco related.  cousin cole put me on to this older post that he did for the fully fitted blog and it is beyond sweet.

jenny, claire, and a whole posse of others rolled into lagos disco inferno with the highest expectations and it completely delivered. there was hours upon hours of sweaty, musky, grooving.  there are few dudes who showed up in costume with polyester shirts, slacks, gold chains, and i even spied some snakeskin shoes. it was wild and unreal.  the height was when he dropped 2,000 blacks got to be free by fela kuti and roy ayers.  it was one of those moments that make all sociability disappear, everyone stops talking, and your soul floats above you while everyone dances transfixed.  it doesn’t happen often on a saturday night out.

there were equally as intense drawbacks: it was stiflingly hot in there (and no apologies, because it seem more equatorial or something), the mixing was uneven, and the crowd was a little off-brand.  it was entirely comprised of writhing hipsters emanating a vibe of “i’m sooo cultured!”  it reminds me of the time when a good friend of mine who is actually a really good dude told me in all seriousness “i’m the most cultured white dude you’ll ever meet.” in my head, i thought two things: a) you most definitely are not.  i don’t know who that is, but it certainly isn’t you, and b) i wonder how many of my guy friends think this also and are proud of it.  probably a lot. it’s not a good look.  i just had a really heady convo with friend-of-ongakuclub, lily, where we discussed contemporary exotification in the new york scene, hipsters who trade in cultural capital, and the drawbacks of desiring a cosmopolitan sensibility.  i think i just need a break from hyped parties and just go to the shrine and barbes to drink wine and hand out with old heads and listen to live music for a minute.  yeah,  never going to happen.

oh, and speaking of nigeria, this post on nigerian rap is beyond epic.


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  1. August 27, 2009 9:33 pm

    yeah that Nigerian rap post is nuts

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