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August 26, 2009

I just came upon all these things. First what happened is I was finally looking at David Guetta videos. I first heard of him a few months ago when Toy Selectah put out his free album [here] and there was a remix of a David Guetta song on it that I loved. But I never looked into it.

Then, here I am in Pasto visiting my family, and my uncle is always watching this channel – Euro Channel – and David Guetta videos keep popping up. Then the other night watching Miss Universo with him and my grandma, David Guetta was the DJ. Finally tonight I looked at some of his videos and just stopped at this one – with 34 million views! – the one Toy Selectah remixed, I think it’s great.

Here is what for me was the original, Toy Selectah’s remix: David Guetta, “Love is Gone” (Raverton Remix)

ゲット [DL]

And then I was trying to remember the name of that famous DJ in London with his radio show – I heard Toy Selectah on that show a few months ago and I wanted to link to it – but in the meantime I found this video of Toy Selectah visiting IsaGT (Colombia!) at her place in London [link to the video en español – watch it!]. And in this video they are calling out shout outs and he mentions Plastic Caramelo, and she freaks out. So I went to see. Maybe you know her? I did not, but she is in NY.



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  1. August 27, 2009 10:10 pm

    wow, i’d NEVER heard of this david guetta dude, now all of a sudden i’m seeing him everywhere (namely in facebook video posts… weird). also, plastic caramelo are pretty rad… but they only have one song. part of the whole colombian parche here in ny. the main girl just had a baby, so i think things are on hold for a while….

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