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July 14, 2009

At 3 months in my first MJ tee

It’s been a while since his death (including my internal hard drive dying preventing many posts :().  I *think* I am pretty much done mourning.  I will spare y’all the play-by-play of how much he has influenced my life, but I wanted to share my favorite and most essential (re)discoveries of the past few weeks:
  • The beginning of the bad video (full version). Daryl of the Duxton School flexes his acting muscles. Can someone please append this to the beginning of New Jack City? Clearly, it indicates the beginning of a life of crime for Nino Brown.
  • Naomi Campbell’s vaguely Afro-Latino pelvic thrusting and outfit in the In The Closet. What are those  wind instruments in the extended break?  Also, MJ looks like the embodiment of the word art guy in silhouette.

Another story, reported in The National Enquirer, claimed that Jackson’s longtime rival Prince had used extrasensory perception to turn Bubbles crazy. “What kind of sicko would mess with a monkey?”, Jackson was reported to have said. “This is the final straw. Poor, poor Bubbles.” Jackson found the story hilarious, his camp never having seen the singer laugh so much… After rumors spread in 1990 of the death of Bubbles, Jackson’s press agent Lee Solters told the press that “When Bubbles heard about his demise he went bananas”.

  • The 1993 interview he did with Oprah. Really really intense and fascinating stuff. He seems so lucid, so terrified, so loving and forgiving, so on the brink. When he talks about his sprituality in part six 7:28, my heart breaks. Also, the beatboxing to Who Am I? at part six 1:52 is priceless. I like to believe that he was extremely intelligent and well-read from Margo Jefferson’s On Michael Jackson (excellent essential read btw) and this article.  It’s comforting to keep that in in mind before watching…
  • MJ dancing in the car with Brett Rather. So depressing. Dude is a terrible director to begin with and this watches like a bad porn.  It’s hard to believe that Brett Ratner is more than a talentless, starf*cking loser.  This article does not make me feel any less indignant towards him, but is fascinating nonetheless.
  • Captain EO and Moonwalker. He was self-aware almost to a fault, but I’d like to discuss (maybe with Wayne?) about if and how he fit into the black sci fi aesthetic.


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