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April 28, 2009

we have been talking about guest posts for a while.  i think this is our first one, though i don’t think it was intended to be.  on saturday i went to go see my friend, skinny friedman, dj at arrow bar in nyc.  it was a good time, though the best part was at the end of the night when there were only a few people left and we just started jamming to some classic rap jamz (very recently classic, like from houston ’04, but that was decades ago in blog years or something.)  yep, i have no shame on the dancefloor.  anyway, i feel like i have been neglecting listening to some really exciting rap music that has been released in the past few months.  he sent me an email the next day with this great stuff and i wanna share!


guest post by skinny friedman of the philadelphyinz:

GUCCI MANE – GORGEOUS aka “in which gucci gucci disses your jeweler(?!?!)” and
MAX MINELLI – ROBOT ARMY aka “a dude from baton rouge who’s been around forever makes what would be a terrible backpack rap track awesome simply by virtue of having a country-ass accent” aka “who knew dudes from baton rouge knew about robots”


here’s a new yo gotti/gucci mane/oj track from dj drama that i haven’t listened to yet but it’s up on ozone mag:

BUSTA RHYMES, T-PAIN, GUCCI AND OJ – HUSTLER’S ANTHEM REMIX aka “the past, omnipresent and future of rap all in one song” aka “i wonder who produced this”


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