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April 27, 2009

That was the longest I have been without a post. I guess in the midst of moving, spring arriving and getting busy with other things I haven’t had any time to check out new music, and I haven’t even been listening that much to all the music I’ve gotten lately. So instead of posting something new, I just want to put up some of the Japanese songs I have listened to most in the past 3 and a half years here!

The first one is by this band Fishman’s, a Japanese slow reggae band that infected me from the first time I heard them. At first I was just piqued by the vocals, which I think take a while to get used to. But once you do, you may find them to go perfectly with the music.

Fishmans, “ずっと前 (Zutto Mae)” ゲット [DL]

The second one is by Asa-Chang & Junray. It’s called “花 (Hana).” Here is the video, slow but with moments of brilliance:

Next, a cover by Jim O’Rourke and オリジナル ラヴ (Original Love) on a tribute album to はっぴえんど (Happy End). Jim O’Rourke speaks a little Japanese, and until today I always believed that was him singing, with a funny but charming American accent. But Velvetstone pointed out that the vocals are actually done by Original Love, vocalist from Ego-Wrappin’.

Jim O’Rourke feat. オリジナル・ラヴ, “抱きしめたい (Dakishimetai)” ゲット [DL]

Here is the original video!

The next is a poppy and nostalgia-inducing song by pop rock stars くるり (Quruli), which is good for karaoke.

Quruli, “ばらのはな (Bara no Hana)” ゲット [DL]

Finally, another pop song (I haven’t listened to much Japanese music during my time here, much to my regret – though it’s not too late – but the sheer amount of pop has definitely influenced my tastes a little). This song is by the incredible pop group 空気公団 (Kuki Koudan) – all their songs are great (in this quiet, pretty way).

Kuki Koudan, “白 (Shiro)” ゲット [DL]


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  1. velvetstone permalink
    April 27, 2009 9:23 pm

    That’s not o’rourke singing on the track. he did the music the guy from ego wrappin ( a japanese guy) did the singing.


    • hanainhand permalink*
      April 28, 2009 12:45 am

      Ha ha, well then it’s ironic I heard an American accent in there. Something about the loose way he sings the vowels. Anyway, thanks!

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