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April 14, 2009

last night, i went to a sonidera show at queens palace in jackson heights with uproot andy and his friend, luis. i didn’t really know what to expect. cover was $40 per person except that ladies got in free before 10pm. that seemed very unfair before andy, luis, and i went inside, but after entering it was clear that mostly dudes attend these shows. i was pretty happy to capitalize on that especially since the headliner of the show was supposed to be las estrellas de la cumbia who had travel issues and couldn’t make it.

estrellas de la cumbia, title unknown ゲット [DL]

we quickly observed the atmosphere and rhythm of the evening. most of the partygoers were teenagers or young adults in casual, yet stylish outfits of denim, sneakers, white belts, tee shirts and lots of hair gel. the crowd stuck to the sides most of the time, sitting silently or conversing quietly in the back. when the dj dropped a tune, the crowd would assess the particular song’s hotness. if it was good, the guys would go up to different girls and politely ask them to dance. if the girls were into the guy’s game, the couple would make their way to the dance floor. i saw a bunch of dudes get rejected. cold!

las rolas were so slow, sooo bassy, soooooo heavy. the soundsystem at the venue was really sick, and made you feel every single song. i wish we had ventured up front and felt the power of the system. even though the system and the sound were superior, the dj failed to play popular tunes. there were only a few songs that would make the dance floor pop. people did not get that crazy on the dancefloor, but definitely knew their stuff. sonidera dancing is all about spinning. luis taught me some moves and i danced to a few songs, though i really need to learn how to move/spin/follow better.

example of the dance:

the weirdest thing was that the dj would let every song ride until the end and then everyone would leave the dance floor. he would then put on some weird rave, 80’s, or metal song for up to a minute before putting on a new song. we really could not figure out why. it really seemed to mess with the vibe of the party… pretty much, completely stop it. luis mentioned that it was so the guys could ask different girls to dance. there definitely seemed to be some vague social organizing going on. when the music started back up after each pause, it was a delight. some guy handed me a promotional cd for the next event on april 17th and this song was pretty much the only really good song on the cd and accurately reflects the sound of the party.

unknown, “la cumbia del anniversario”ゲット [DL]

i’m looking forward to more good times at queens palace.


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