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April 8, 2009

tonight’s installment is all about the brazil of the imagination.

let’s check out this promotional tourism video of rio from 1936 (via steeeev):

beautiful stuff, though obv a promotional tactic of the good neighbor policies of that era.  check this nonsense quote from the above clip:

As in most countries of South America, the color of one’s skin does not always determine one’s social standing. As a matter of fact that the racial color line seems to be so thinly drawn that it has become a haven of toleration for all races…

dead wrong about that one guys!  for less favorable (though no less imaginative) depictions of brazil in print (published a bit later in the 60’s/70’s), please consider reading the hour of the star by clarice lispector or child of the dark: the diary of carolina maria de jesus.

the soundtrack to our fantastical journey is a soft mix of nostalgic and romantic tunes, not necessarily curated with any sophistication.

baden powell and vinicius de moraes, “canto de Iemanjá”  ゲット [DL]

batatinha, “ministério do samba”  ゲット [DL]

joao nogueira, “na baixa do sapateiro”  ゲット [DL]

jorge ben, “oba, lá vem ela” ゲット [DL]

elis regina, “querelas do brasil”  ゲット [DL]

can we go soon?


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