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April 8, 2009

let’s bring this full circle.

back to spanish-speaking latin america, generation bass just posted a “cumbia del pato donald” with a link to a donked version (!!!!)

i mentioned before about how i had/have a strange obsession with the three caballeros.  i acknowledge that the movie is entertaining for the music, the stories, the animation, the lulz at donald, and generally how bizarre it is.  turns out, that there is a lot else that can be learned about the movie, it’s partner film saludos amigos (which i have not seen), and the decades that walt disney comics, donald duck in particular, that were distributed around latin america in the 1930’s through 1970’s.  in college, i read excerpts of the pamphlet “how to read donald duck: imperialist ideology in the disney comic” written in 1971 by ariel dorfman and armand mattleart under the oppression of the allende regime in chile.  it explores the influence of cultural imperialism in disney comics on children across latin america.  let’s also file it under recommended reading.


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