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March 31, 2009

World Music Day Con’t! (when isn’t it world music day at ongaku club?)

so i have “a thing” for coming-of-age movies and tv shows.  i am a fan of gossip girl, degrassi, the adventures of sebastian cole, clueless, angus, etc.  maybe, i will outgrow it one day, but not anytime soon.  for the past year, i have become obssessed with the british teen drama, skins.  it follows a group of wild and crazy urban kids as they party, do drugs, get laid, fight with their dysfunctional parents, and fall in love as only teenagers can do.  the plot is sometimes unrealistic, but the cinematography is beautiful and the music is topnotch.  season three just ended and though i was not as much a fan of the cast or writing, but the music was so amazingly fresh.  since the shows were made last year, the music is months behind, but still so good and current to what is going on in the uk house, dubstep, and indie scenes.  the most impressive episopde to me, duh, was the one focusing on the congolese immigrant, thomas that had a helping of african house music incl. kuduro and kwaito.  check out the music of the opening scene.

i don’t expect you to watch the episode or follow the plot, but check out the music guide to the whole episode.


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