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March 30, 2009

Monday is world music day at 音楽CLUB. Today I want to feature some hip hop and some booty music from around the globe, mostly Latin America.

First I want to focus on Zonora Point, this sick Chilean hip hop group that will have a track on the soon-to-be-released ZZK Records Vol. 2 compilation. Here is a video for their song “Diabólico” which appears to have come out in early 2008 or before. The video is grainy, raw, 8 mm look at what I can only guess is typical life in Santiago. The beat is simple and rough, and the lyrics and flow impress me more than almost any other rap in español I’ve heard until now (watch this video for the song “Boom,” too).

Here is another of their tracks, remixed by current ZZK hero Douster (it cuts off at the very end.)

“Huachita Rica,” Zonora Point (Douster Remix) ゲット [DL]

Moving on, here is this Colombian hip hop group that I had never heard of until this past weekend, but apparently they performed at the Colombian music showcase at SXSW, and even got a little write up at Latina magazine.

They are apparently from El Chocó, a poor region of Colombia with a significant Afro-Colombian population that has been absolutely decimated by the ongoing civil war. But their outlook is very positive. They remind me a little of Orishas in their melding of traditional Colombian sounds with hip hop. I am not very into them overall, because I prefer something raw and original over the kind of hip hop that takes the country’s traditional sounds to make beats, but I do really like this song’s sound, and there are some good rhymes that utilize really Colombian-sounding words.

Next, some baile funk courtesy of the unbelievably prolific Generation Bass. This is a track by DJ Davi Belo, a 16 year old kid with a knack for injecting fresh sounds and sick rhythms into the baile funk formula.

“Pa Puteria Montagem,” DJ Davi Belo ゲット [DL]

And last for today, with another nod to Generation Bass for finding and posting this, is MSN Kuduro. This is kind of a joke, and the track isn’t that great, but it’s nice to hear the Microsoft sounds being ripped apart by some beatmaker in Angola.

MSN Kuduro ゲット [DL]


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