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March 17, 2009

  • this mix by freddie anzures came highly recommended from maggie (a while back… finally listening to it…) and really, really delivers. it is so the best soundtrack to the make out party i wish i was throwing sometime soon.
  • dj zhao’s ngoma 3 is the third of his afro-centric house mixes that aim to highlight the political and social implications of afro and afro-caribbean influences on global dance music. it is a pretty ambitious and worthwhile project, but can be just as well be enjoyed in a non-academic party setting.
  • flight school is a new instrumental mix from dj yoda and TOBES,that compiles their fave essential 80’s breaks and samples. can’t wait to get the tracklisting in order to make sure i get all the originals.
  • g13 international are friends of me and jenny from back in philly. they introduced me to soca and though i do not keep up with the genre, i make sure to pick up everything they release, because i know it is going to be the very best out there. they’ve got a new mad decent mix and it’s pretty good. my favorite will always be this 12min. rave mix that they released a few years back:

G13 International, 12min. rave mix ゲット [DL]

please to enjoy


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