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March 17, 2009

Dear 音楽CLUB,

It’s been a while! Only a few days maybe, but seems like forever.

Right now I am obsessed with one of the ZZK artists, El Remolón. Check out his MySpace. He has a new album out, “Pibe Cosmo.” His compositions are very glitchy, very electronic, bordering on minimal cumbia/reggaeton/and more. It took me a minute to get into it because the songs are kind of sparse, but now I am really feeling them. Also listen to his song “Negros Cumbieros” here – this is a straight party song.

So, ZZK will be in NY in early April. I just found out they had a show at SOBs last year. I can’t believe SOBs still does so well for itself. I guess I should believe it. Larry, the man who runs it, is a tough and hard-working guy. When I was working there sometimes it seemed like the business was struggling, but then we would get MIA or Kanye or some reggae legend, and the place would still fill up.

Also, I was looking at Mudd Up!, which happens sometimes, and I happened to see that in the comments for one of his recent posts, 音楽CLUB was included! See for yourself. Because I mentioned his NY radio rip posts in one of my club posts, I guess he has a way of finding out when people reference his posts set up. Speaking of mambo violento (which is what that rip of his from the radio was on), he also directed me to this video, which I love. “Paleta” by Omega y Su Mambo Violento:

The dancing, the singing, the speed of the instruments, the freshness of the whole thing. Makes me think Dominican people know how to live life. This sh+t is hot.

One last thing, I have been watching videos of Argentinean murga, which is this kind of dance-crazy carnaval-like marching band parade that originated in Spain, but was transformed in Uruguay, then adapted in Argentina. I wrote about it and posted some videos here. Drumming and dancing. I did not know Argentineans got down.

Let’s see, what else… Oh yeah, Alexis, I love that song by The Eternals. That one I would love to hear at a club. Actually, all the songs from that post would be amazing loud. Ironically, my French roommate, who lives in the room above mine, is what is stopping me from listening to them as loud as I want to (and paper thin house, old Japanese neighbors).


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