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March 12, 2009

I just wanted to send you this one song, which I got from that Mexican blog a couple of weeks ago. It’s perfect classic Japanese pop, and every time I hear it I wonder if you two have heard it. There are more songs by her, too, which you can get there. Apparently she also has some connection (or many?) to Pink Lady, though I haven’t looked them up.

山口百恵 (Momoe Yamaguchi)、イミテーションゴールド (Imitation Gold) ゲット [DL]

OK, and for some reason every time I hear her I want to link her to Piero, this Argentinean folk/pop star from the 60s (prob 70s too) who is a standby in my family. My cousin – who was a preternaturally socially gifted person and widely loved, and who died when I was a teenager – used to love Piero and play his music.

Piero, “Caminando por Caracas” ゲット [DL]

Lastly, no connection besides Argentina, but mostly just that I heard it today and it hit me, a song by Daleduro (my favorite still of the ZZK-related scene) featuring Luisao – a very deliberate cumbia digital.

Daleduro feat. Luisao, “Villa Cumbiera” ゲット [DL]


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