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March 9, 2009

hey guys,

so after sending andres vulture music and the fred falke ep, i had surmised that he was more into the subdued french touch sound after hearing his comments. afterwards, i refrained from sending him more… intense… french house. i am now realizing that may have been really presumptive of me. it is time to get really real. andres, as i have mentioned over skype, i want your ears to bleed. i am going to send you the most punishing filter house songs i can think of, because… it feels good to.

The Drop (in order)

wrath of zeus – the eternals
a classic. jenny, maggie and i spent many an evening pregaming to this song drinking sparks and jumping around 602 south 12th street in philadelphia. i got tired of it a few years ago, but listening to it again in this context renews my love for it

tenderloins –
in addition
new song via discoworkout. it is nice that there is this new wave of this stuff out there. this is pretty good and i give it a thumbs up and a bookmark for future reference.

le knight club – hysteria ii
this song is a brain liquifier. it is a study in repetition and how it can make anyone go cuckoo in the best way possible. i swear, le knight club one of my fave groups of the late ’90s/early 00’s hands down.

roland clark and the montanas – music talking to you(fred falke remix)
this song was released early last year, maybe? i dl’d this version last summer after seeing fred falke at the tribeca grand and just kinda have had it in my rotation since. i swear, i have heard it at the restaurant/nightclub/euro bacchanal i work in twice in the past week, which means it must be reeally huge in euro/miami/ibiza cirlce this year. um, i guess i am happy about that?

sex-o-sonique – i thought it was you
this song reached #3 on the uk charts when it was released in ’97 and yet i somehow never heard of it before this week… wtf? it is my favorite thing ever. and it is the most french touch sounding song, i cannot believe it is uk! whatever. this shit is fire. enjoy. and plz love love love the video as much as i do:


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