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March 6, 2009

All that adding songs to the website made me want to add more songs. While I was doing it, I was listening to my iTunes playlist of best songs of the month, which I started doing this year, which I begin on the first of each month. I had already put like 60 songs in there (and what day is it? The 6th?) So sensing things were getting a little out of hand, I listened and realized that most of the songs in there actually were the best songs of the month.

In all of January there were only 43 songs of the month. In Feb it went up to 60. And in the first week of March I got tons. I win! OK, a bunch are getting deleted, and by month’s end many of these won’t be in here (to survive for posterity as March 09’s best), but for now here are 4 songs that stood out.

1. Schlachthofbronx, “Fatthing Remix” (don’t know real title, or where it came from)
2. Telepathe, “Chromes On It (Kingdom Remix)” – Loving everything by Kingdom
3. Sonido del Principe, “Pesebre” (he apparently also runs the Generation Bass website, which has tons of good music)
4. Uproot Andy, “La Vida Vale la Pena” – downloaded from Masala. It’s crazy. The more times I hear it the more sense it makes to me. It’s a remix of a Petrona Martinez song.

1 ゲット [DL]

2 ゲット [DL]

3 ゲット [DL]

4 ゲット [DL]



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