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March 6, 2009

i was gonna wait to do a post until i had more individual tracks to create a mini set with, but this email draft is pretty rich as is.  honestly, i might have to take a break for a few days in order to digest everyting that’s gone down this week. part one: this screw mix on it’s after the end of the world (via john) is really exciting because it’s been a minute since a really compelling screw mix has caught my attention (r.i.p. fuck action mixes!).  it is perhaps not as prolific as other mixes, but it’s really weird and that makes me really happy.  “do ya think i’m sexy rebajada cover” makes me want to direct, produce and star in a arty lost-esque sci-fi film set in tunisia. also note the excellent tag cloud! i’m gonna go ahead and post this song because it reminds me of singing true (3 times) and set adrift on memory bliss (pm dawn!) in japan: You (OG Ron C chopped & screwed mix) – Lloyd f. Andre 3000 & Nas part two: i was chatting with steve of cool places radio and he mentioned that he was up on rezar & its related links schooling himself on cumbia and we started musing on colombian music in general.  as all of our conversations go, steve would go “do you have this?” and i would say “naw.”  then he’d say “what about this?” and i said “um. nope!”  and so forth. he pointed me in a bunch of directions.  i’m really excited about colombia! the golden age of discos fuentes–the powerhouse of colombian music, 1960-1976.  The full album is available on el cachuy.  i am especially feeling “fandango en percussion” and “las caleñas son como los flores.”  there’s also the entire discography of diomedes diaz.  herencia vallenata comes recommended, but i have not listened to it yet. cumbia sonidera has quite a thorough wiki and it will be a good spanish lesson for me to get through it. jenny, do you have any gems from prof. ochoa’s class? and in an uncanny act of synergy, he also linked the vid below to me.


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  1. April 1, 2009 7:00 am

    yo, thanks for checkin out the screw mix!

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