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March 5, 2009

club members,

besides dealing with the heart-wrenching realities of the healthcare system, i have been trying to teach myself how to create mixes in ableton (finally). i find it difficult, because i have been reaally reallly shy/embarassed about how much i don’t know about the production of the music that i love. it seems infinitely daunting to try to navigate this world of levels, editing, warping, equilizing, pitch-changes and sound effects. and either i suck it up and ask some of my close (and not so close) friends to teach me what to do and give me tricks or succumb to the time consuming task of consulting online tutorials or dj google.

anyway, this is the first thing that i’ve come up with:


obviously in honor of the lucky new years macha jenny, maggie, kerstin, and i drank at ryoan-ji temple in kyoto, japan on 1.1.09.

um, unsurprisingly it is a mix of oldish and newish disco and house. also obviously a lot of the selection is just stuff we shared here in the club (lol! in da club!) and stuff that makes me laugh and dance.

maggie previewed the beta version and commented that she likes the fact that i pick stuff that isn’t necessarily cool, but stuff we like. i’m okay with that.

drink it up, son!


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